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MrStainedglass  Re: Frequently Asked Questions - Dec 31, 1969, 11:00:00 AM

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Registered: 22.10.2007
What pattern do you need the colors for?
The patterns from stainedglass.on.ca mostly have color image, but I have seen some without.
Its like paint by numbers, only with glass, example: 1-6, first color, than 7-10 second color etc...
The colors do not repeat, meaning if pieces 1-6 is x type blue color glass, than pieces 7-10 or 11-23 would always be different type glass (possibly even of similar color but different nevertheless).
If you are looking for exact glass color codes for almost all of the patterns you will not find them.
Maybe send an e-mail to the artist or post in forums to get suggestions.